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MaharashtraSports has become the prime seller of exercise bikes in Pune. We have all types of bikes to cater the needs of different people with different requirements. As it takes very little space, it is useful for those who have less space in their gyms or homes We have upright, recumbent bikes as well as bikes which differ according to the resistance. Along with this dual action stationary bikes, indoor cycles, interactive exercise bike are also available. Dual action gives upper and lower body workout, thus giving better cardiovascular fitness. These are new technology based cycles, which gives more health benefits and comfort. Indoor cycles are currently most popular. They are like normal road bikes. You can also have chin in it to make it more real experience. Interactive exercise bikes are all inclusive, as they include latest technology with normal health benefits. They have TV, computer to avoid user’s distraction. For further detail information, you can visit our shop as well.

Exercise Bikes in Pune

How to Use an Exercise Bike

Exercise bike resemble bicycle, but it is without wheels. It is also called as stationary bike. It consists of saddles, paddles and handlebars. Like treadmill, it is also use for low impact workout. Not all bikes are same. They come in two categories, namely upright and recumbent. To use them properly and to avoid injury, you must know some variables of its settings. Seat height in upright bikes should be equal to your hip height. On recumbent bikes, it’s necessary that your legs should extend completely. Handlebar height is also important, as it might put stress on your back. You should be comfortable with its height. Foot straps should not be too tight or too loose. After settings, it’s necessary to follow certain routine to get more benefits. First of all, you should have plan about how many calories you would like to burn. You must have set time period for workout. If you are new to the exercise, start slowly. Your muscles aren’t used to this type of movements. So, extra strain might be harmful to your muscles. Slowly, increase the resistance and duration of your workout. You may also use music, TV to keep you occupied during workout.