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Health is wealth is an ancient saying. Everyone knows it, but nobody follows it. But after facing the consequences of ignoring health, many people have started to think twice before saying no to physical workout. As awareness about fitness is increasing, need for fitness equipments, particularly in cities like Pune, is all time high. MaharashtraSports is trying to meet that ever increasing demand. Considering the overall benefits of elliptical cross trainer, it is the first choice of many customers. They come in different types. Broadly, they are divided into main categories, namely elliptical cross trainer by drive and elliptical cross trainer by resistance. The former is further subdivided into front and rear wheel drive. Although there is no significant difference between the two as you perform the same exercise front wheel drive is more expensive. Latter is also subdivided as magnetic resistance and air resistance. In first type magnets are located on flywheel which moves magnet near or away from flywheel. Air resistance uses fan blades to pump out air for resistance. It’s only drawback is it can be noisy at times. However, selection of type boils down to your budget. MaharashtraSports has all types of elliptical machines and it has become favorite destination for equipment buying.

 Elliptical Cross Trainer Machine Benefits

Today, no proper gym is without elliptical cross trainer. Many trainers also suggest this workout. So, what has made it most popular gym instruments? The answer lies in it’s simple use and all around benefits. It simulates stair climbing, walking and running. It’s first feature is it gives low impact exercise. When you are moving in elliptical motion, your feet never lift the pedal. It absorbs jolt which you would feel otherwise, thus reducing the chances of injuries. Due to it’s low intensity, people with some injuries can also this to stay fit. It is mighty helpful in burning calories. Major reason of it’s popularity is it allows dual body workout, that is upper and lower body workout. no other device allows this feature. You can use elliptical machines for quadriceps, hamstrings, back and arm muscles. You can also use it for abs. Because of low impact motion and few moving parts, it’s maintenance cost is also much lesser. Now, which is better, treadmill or elliptical trainer? Studies have shown that same calories will burn in both the instruments. Treadmills costs little high when it comes to the maintenance. Also treadmills will have footstep noise which is not the case with elliptical trainers. Thus considering all the aspects, no doubt elliptical is the most advantageous instrument.