Treadmill Exercise Tips

Treadmill, without any doubt, is one of the most popular types of home exercise equipment, which offers a clear-cut and effective aerobic workout. For many, it is a good way to start their exercise routine as they restrain themselves from walking on the road due to reasons best known by them. You can start with by walking and then gradually increasing the speed moving on to jogging.

It is very effective exercise equipment which is seen in almost all the sophisticated gyms. It is important equipment for performing cardiovascular exercises like walking and jogging. They are also important part of many home gyms and are part of any exercise regimen. So, why treadmills are such important part of most gyms? The answer lies in the different benefits of treadmill which are given ahead.

Benefits and Advantages of Treadmill

  • One of the major advantage is the ease at which it can be used.

  • Its surface is quite predictable, which becomes quite predictable for a person to negotiate than curbs, sidewalks or trails. Also the risk of tripping is lessened.

The user can control all the aspects of the workout such as incline, speed, period of warm up, cool down period and the energy spend.

Running indoor means that you need not run in bad weather, such as snow or heavy rain. Similarly, when it is extremely hot and humid, you can stay inside. This also allows you to run in the comfort of a temperature controlled environment, which means that you need not necessarily worry about changing your clothes often. Also, application of sunscreen is not required.
Running on it is also easier for the body as it provides better shock absorption, which results in less stress on your knees and feet, as compared to running on concrete surfaces. Further, the smooth surface and additional cushioning also allows for easier runs.
Running on it also gives you option to use headphones, watch television or go through a magazine, which you cannot do while running outdoors.

Today, some come equipped with special features such as step counters and heart rate monitors so that the user can track the fitness progress.

The fact also goes that running on a treadmill usually burns calories faster than most other forms of other indoor exercises, such as biking.