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It’s just not enough to have wish for right fitness. You also need proper gym machines. MaharashtraSports in Pune is there to help you out in your wish. Ranging from aerobic to anaerobic, from sports equipments to protective tools we are satisfying need of every corner. Plus, we also have health supplements to cut short your path of fitness.

Children are future. Thus, keeping them in mind we have started kid’s section. If we can instill the love for sport and fitness among children we would be more than happy. To attract them there are special offers, discounts and programs.

Adaptation is very important in every business. As per the need of hour, we also have online facility. Customer can go through various products and can have detail information about them. We want to make your shopping hiccup free and make it enjoyable. Your well being is our ulterior motto.

How to Use Gym Machines

Sometimes, desire to achieve good fitness is so strong that we forget that lots of science and technique is involved in the use of gym machines. Ignoring it might be fatal to your body. You can have permanent injury. Or worse, you can even die. We have many cases to justify our claim.

So, following guidelines are must. They are as follows:• Do Not Talk– You are not in gym to have a nice chat. You will be wasting your breath.
• Stand Firm on Treadmill– To maintain proper form this is very necessary. Do not put your hands on treadmill rails, as it gives less benefit and can cause injury.
• Seat Properly on Bike– This is the common mistake which many people do. They either sit too high or too low. But you should sit in such a way that your legs should be nearly straight and foot parallel to floor.
• Attraction of Heavy Weights– Do not jump to heavy weights. Raise duration of work out and weights slowly, as your body is not used to it.
• Over Doing– Do not overdo it. It will create immense strain in your body which you might not bare. So, allocate proper time for every tool and stick with it for few days.