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We believe in long term relationship with our customers which do not end with the purchase of our products – it is beginning. Our well trained technicians and engineers will offer you best service with their expertise and years of experience in the industry.
  • They are manufactured to perform standard of domestic health equipment.
  • Our unequivocal warranty makes us valuable in health.
  • Our products are adjustable to all kind of users.
  • Our exercise machines have adjustments with commercial grade pull springs.
  • They are having powder coated steel protective weight enclosures.
  • They are manufactured to provide you better stamina.

Strength Training Equipments

Strength equipment is a key component of any health or gym club. Strength training might imply that it's proposed for men and women into body building, but it isn't the complete picture. Strength training is a great way to tone up and stay fit. One of the first exercises you can use is the crunch. You can start by lying on your back with your knees bent and bending at the waist, sit up until you feel your abdomen crunch and then release. You need to repeat this process about 10 times to see the results. If this is too painful for the back then you can always lie on the back. Just ensure that you don't bounce your way up. Similarly, there are quite few strength training exercises that you can perform with health club equipment.

Strength Training or Free Weights

Have fitness experts around you and they will tell you that a good physical fitness program must be a combination of aerobic exercises and strength training. Strength training mainly targets muscle improvement and bone density. Several people, however, are confused about weight training and which is the right way to go about. The gym machines in Pune and the free weights each have their own advantages and disadvantages.
With free weight your chances of getting an injury increases. You can sustain an injury by dropping the weights unintentionally on any part of your body or by the improper balance of the weights while exercising. While exercising with free weights you need to be in exact position because the end result can be really dangerous.

Types of Strength Training Equipments

Plates: They range from 2.5 lbs to 100 lbs and are generally made of iron. Plastic weight plates are also available.
Dumbbells: There are several types of dumbbells to select from various exercise machine in Pune. Generally, they are short barbells, 5 to 10 inches long. These exercises are performed by carrying them in each hand.
Fitness Balls: They develop strength by extending resistance and increasing the core strength of the muscles. They are also known as Swiss balls, flexibility balls or stability balls and are large, inflated balls that are used for exercise.
Cables and Pulleys: Look out for nylon pulleys and test cable of at least 1500 lbs. This will hold up to the use of the most rigorous workouts for long durations.
Once you buy the perfect exercise equipment in Pune, you will be eager to exercise but it's suggested that you refrain from indulging in over exercising as it tends to put a lot of strain on the muscles and exhausts them. Maharashtra Sports is one such place offering gym equipment in Pune at an affordable price. We stress on quality and that's our USP. So, if you want to know more about us you can personally visit our store.

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