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We believe in long term relationship with our customers which do not end with the purchase of our products – it is beginning. Our well trained technicians and engineers will offer you best service with their expertise and years of experience in the industry.
  • They are manufactured to perform standard of domestic health equipment.
  • Our unequivocal warranty makes us valuable in health.
  • Our products are adjustable to all kind of users.
  • Our exercise machines have adjustments with commercial grade pull springs.
  • They are having powder coated steel protective weight enclosures.
  • They are manufactured to provide you better stamina.

Fitness Equipment Manufacturer in Pune, India – MaharashtraSports

Maharashtrasports in Pune is trying to redefine the concept of fitness and galvanize the ways in which equipments are being manufactured till date. We are saying big no to old methods and traditions and trying to pave our own new path. That's why rather than producing what we want to produce, we are taking customers views in consideration and making customized products. They should meet all the requirements of customers without affecting the technical quality. With high level of engineering and ease, we are manufacturing all the major instruments in fitness, like treadmill, bikes and elliptical trainers for cardio exercise. Similarly for strength exercise, we are producing dumbbells, benches, weight bars and push up bars. We are also trying to create mixture of these two. As we want to become full fledge fitness tools manufacturer, sport equipments are also not untouched by us. We are into making of balls, guards, ropes and shoes. We are offering franchise to people, so that we can grow in as many parts in Pune as we can. Bottom-line is, slowly and steadily Maharashtrasports is becoming giant and conquering the world of fitness and sport equipments and is all set to create indelible mark.

How to Select Fitness Equipment?

It was only matter of time that people would understand the importance of fitness and they would start sweating in gym. But what if you want to buy products on your own? Machine market was always abundant. But with the advent of new technology, every day new products are entering to increase the customer confusion and make product selection more and tougher for him. But this problem can be easily solved if we decide some criteria, like following.

Purpose- What is your purpose of exercise? Do you want to lose your weight or you want to tone any particular body part like bicep, chest? Depending on this, products will vary so will your choice.
Family Members- Apart from you, are your family members also going to use those tools? If this is the case, then it's imperative to consider their needs as well.
Analysis of the Tool- Before buying any tool you must to its SWOT analysis. What are its benefits and negatives, will it help you in achieving your fitness goal? If answer is no, then you are harping on wrong string.
Maintenance- This is also crucial point. Some equipments maintenance cost can be very high. You should also think whether parts, in case get damage, are replaceable? It will determine its long term use.
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